Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Forty-Dollar Coaster

I bought this skein of Temptation to finish my “Fiat Luxe” neck warmer, and what did I do with my leftover half skein? I acted like a true celebrity brat and CROCHETED a COASTER out of it! Ha! That is how little respect I have for this yarn. I would do better to just crochet my next coaster out of 20-dollar bills!

Round 1: Magic circle, 3ch (= turning ch,) 11 dc in magic circle, sl st in 3rd ch of 3ch to join, tighten tail to close loop. - 12 sts.
Round 2: ch 3 (=turning ch,) dc in 1st dc, 2 dc in ea dc around, sl st in 3rd ch of 3 ch to join. - 24 sts.
Round 3: ch 3 (=turning ch,) (2 dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc) around, sl st in 3rd ch of 3 ch to join. - 36 sts.
Block. Starch if desired.

Margarita recipe:
1 shot silver (blanco) tequila
1/2 shot Cointreau
1 shot good-quality margarita mix

Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker, pour over rocks in a chilled margarita glass with a salted rim and a wedge of lime.



donnac368 said...

I think a few of these coasters plus your recipe would make some terrific teachers' gifts!

Liat said...

Ha ha! You know, I think you are right! Hurrah for teachers!

Ketutar said...

You mean the Temptation made of silk? Oh. I thought you might be making fun of some posh shop selling crocheted coasters for $40... :-D
Yes, you are a spoiled brat! My sister bought some red alpaca to knit tomte hats (we are in Sweden) for teddybears... But, hey, stash is "free" :-D What else would you do with it? Better to crochet coasters than let it be unused for years because one doesn't know what to do with it...