Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A New Facet is Added

Today I have found yet another way to knit for money.

I have volunteered to repair a beautiful wrap that a customer got in Mongolia, because bits of it had been eaten by her cat. The job was turned down by Tracy, our resident garment-fixer, and when the customer came in to pick up her wrap, I offered to do it. I am to repair it in a beautiful, meant-to-be-seen way, using white laceweight Malabrigo to pick up the nibbled stitches and crochet to the edge of the grey, heathered wrap, as well as adding white fringe where the grey fringe was eaten.

I have never crocheted with laceweight yarn.

Go me!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Ideal Number of Projects


More than five, you don't make noticeable progress on any project. Decreases your desire to knit.
Less than five, you are susceptible to buying random yarn. Increases your desire to spend money.
Exactly five, you knit all the time, because you just could finish one project today or tomorrow and that would be glorious knitting warm fuzzies.

I think I have seven projects in progress right now. Some of them are feeling left out, and I will attend to them shortly (probably when I finish about two projects).